Americans these days are approaching retirement faster and faster. Not only that, but American’s today are not only retiring, but they’re also living a lot longer past retirement. While decades ago it wasn’t common for individuals to live to 80-85 years old, it’s definitely commonplace now.

As a result, employees will now have to share more of their income to support retirees. With these facts, there are three big life-improving steps that can really help boomers these days.

One way to lighten the weight of finances is to work longer. If you’re going to live longer, perhaps you should work a little longer to supplement the income you will need in your later years. If you decide working longer is for you, you’re not the only one. The amount of males ages 62 to 64 have increased from 45 to 56%. As for women ages 65 to 69, the percentage has increased from 27 to 36%.

If you take care of your health throughout your life, you can decrease medical costs in your later, retired years. The prevalence of diabetes in older adults is causing an overall decrease in health in Americans today. To be able to combat the decrease in health in Americans, it is important to continue to exercise, reduce sugar intake, and eat healthy.

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