Brexit can have a lot of impact on the market. Voters in Britain have decided to leave the EU. Investors have been jumping ship since the polls came in.

People these days tend to want more from their recent and short-term returns rather than worrying about what can happen in the long-term. This can really dig people into a hole. Sometimes it is better for your portfolio and your future if you think more bigger picture and long-term.

U.S stocks are expected to take a catastrophic blow. It is expected to drop at least 12% in a single day sometime in the next six months. Most investors are predicting that the drop is going to be closer to 20%. There have only been two days in American history previously that had a one-day sell off of 12 percent. On October 19, 1987 the market decreased 22.6% in one trade off. In 1929 the stocks fell by 12.8%.

Keeping informed on the status of your accounts as well as the financial and economic health of the United States will help you make the correct decisions on what to add or remove to your portfolio. Keep an eye on the stock market and trends. Educating yourself and doing some research can protect you and your retirement.

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