The reactions and opinions on the Brexit has been mixed across the world. Financial markets across the world are taking a little bit of a hit. Trading was put on hold for some of the big British stocks. The pound was dropping in comparison to the dollar. The country is most likely going to have another vote to make this final.

The situation is affecting people’s portfolios. Sell-offs around the worlds are taking a hit. The interest rates are falling on U.S. Treasury bills. The long-term effect is probably not going to be clear for a couple of years. There will be a lot of changes if the vote is the same next time. Trades and the way money is managed in Britain will have to be reconsidered if the UK leaves the EU.

London may no longer be the capital of Europe’s finances. Some cities might see the business, such as Singapore or Dublin. Because of what’s happening over in the EU, it’s not at all surprising that money will be invested more in places like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, or India.

The best thing you can do right now is not pay attention to the short-term ramifications of this on your portfolio. This could help diversify the globe in terms of money and trading – and that’s not a bad thing. Never make a decision based on the news when it comes to investing. Consider speaking to a retirement phase expert before you make any big decisions.

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