Studies have shown that Millennials spend a lot of money on concert tickets, trips, etc. these days, and those things tend to be expensive. While you might not quite be a millennial, chances are if you clicked on this post you want to fix some of your bad money habits. There are some ways you can fix monetary habits quickly.

1. Start Small. The best way to begin fixing how much money your spending is to start small. Don’t start with a goal of spending no money on anything other than necessities. It’s not going to work and you’re most likely going to be very unhappy. Start with a goal of not spending any money on clothes, or fast food. Those goals are achievable and they will definitely make a difference.

2. Make sure your mindset is right. As with any goal you want to achieve you have to make sure that you’re going to stick to it, even if you really, really want to spend money where you shouldn’t. Yes, that $49 steak at that nice restaurant is really good, but one you throw on the grill yourself can taste just as good and it’s a lot less expensive.

3. Know that it’s going to take some time. No habits stick right away. Think about when you’re trying to diet. It takes you a while to adjust to the new foods you’re eating and not going to go grab a snack whenever you want. It’s the same when you remember that you should probably make your coffee instead of heading to Starbucks on the way to the office.

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