Most financial advisors are like general practitioners, having some knowledge of most investment vehicles. There are also specialists, like retirement phase advisors, that understand what is best for people in or near retirement. As in any profession, advisors take their education and they put it into advice for others to use to better their finances. However, even financial advisors can make mistakes when it comes to investing. Whether it’s mistakes they made before they were seasoned advisors or mistakes they made in their own personal lives, there are some mistakes they won’t make again.

1. Investing in Stocks without a Plan. Investing in individual stocks, especially technology stocks are not the smartest things to do. You need to research the companies you are investing in to make sure that they will work with your long-term goals. Make sure that you have a plan and investing shouldn’t feel like gambling.

2. Investing Everything. This should be obvious, but sometimes when people are desperate, they get a little crazy. Buying something like a car that is over your annual income is not a smart move. You may get approved for the investment or loan, but you will not have any money left over for other things. You especially won’t be able to save money in your retirement.

3. Investing in Products that Aren’t Perfect. It may seem like a good thing to do, try not to invest in upcoming projects or businesses that are just starting out. Things can seem to be going well, but they might not work out in the end. These mistakes are common and can easily be avoided with the right care and attention.

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