Should the age that individuals can retire be raised? There are people who agree that, yes the age of retirement should be raised, meaning that individuals would be older when they retire, and potentially paying way more in taxes. When you increase the retirement age, it undermines the primary goal of social security, says some.

If you keep the retirement age where it is, the increased life expectancy will cause social security to have to be able to support an individual for more years after retirement. However, with this “excuse” of not raising the retirement age you would expect other aspects of the workplace to change also. But, other aspects tend to stay the same.

Others believe that increasing the retirement age is a fair and reasonable thing to do. Like it is mentioned above, individuals are living longer, healthier lives so they should be worker longer to complement the extra years that they are living. Social security retirement ages are said to raise only by two years, making it 67. However, this won’t even take effect until the year 2027. Some people believe that congress should increase the retirement age, gradually, to eventually reach age 70 over the next 20 years.

Individuals in this current debate say some Americans actually cannot work very well if they are much older than 65 years old. But, there are systems in place, like disability, to aid these individuals in being able to keep a steady income. While there is no clear answer as to if the retirement age should be raised or not, it is definitely something to consider.

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